The first network of independent
carwash centres in Belgium

the advantages of fleet-wash

FLEET-WASH proposes an easy and exclusive
payment system which allows you to access its extended network of quality carwash centres present in all Belgium.
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The guarantee of a regular cleaning

In many companies the vehicles have become a communication tool as such. For these companies, Fleet-Wash is the best way to ensure that their cars are regularly cleaned and thus giving a positive image of the company.

A simplified payment management and a unique invoice

The end of manipulation money, cash advance to employees or expense accounts ! Fleet-Wash will send you a unique and global invoice, which will allow you to deduct fiscally the expenses much easier

A quality cleaning

Fleet-Wash guarantees a quality cleaning which is the same in each carwash centre of our network.

An always clean car

Thanks to Fleet-Wash, there's no need to have money with you to get you car cleaned, so no excuse anymore driving a dirty car !

Homogeneity of price lists

Whatever payment mode you choose, all the carwash centres of our network have the same prices, according to the type of vehicle :
- Blue (8,10 € excl. VAT) : classic vehicle, berline and break.
- Red (9,90 € excl. VAT) : vehicle type monospace and 4x4.
This fee entitles you to a unique program
including external washing, wheels and drying of your car.

To control which type of vehicle you have, click here

Respect of environment

The majority of carwash centres of our network use solvent products which are completely biodegradable and they also look after the waste water treatment accordingly to the current standards in their region.

payment methods

Two FLEET-WASH payment methods ARE AVAILABLE according to THE CARWASh :

THe voucher

Payments with vouchers are actually meant to be used by companies.

This kind of payment is accepted – without restriction – by all the carwash centres of our network.

The vouchers are presented like a ticket, printed with a barcode, and can be personalized by adding the name of the company or even the licence plates of the vehicles. This allows controlling the days and exact places where each vehicle has been cleaned.

The vouchers have validity duration of 6 to 12 months, according to the quantity ordered.

An order can be placed by mail or made online. The invoice will be sent to you afterwards, and at reception of you payment, the vouchers are printed and sent to you by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

Order VOUCHERS online

the pcard+

A 2 in 1 payment card :

For the carwash:
The Pcard+ allows you to pay your carwash in the carwash centres of our network.

For the parking:
On the other hand, the Pcard+ also allows you to pay your parking in more than 70 parkhouses of the Interparking group spread all over Belgium, without passing at the cash desk. A very useful tool in order to avoid the manipulations with coins, to avoid loosing parking tickets or expense accounts, and especially to avoid loosing time !
Simply present your Pcard+ in front of the [P] logo when coming in and leaving the parkhouse, and your parking bill is paid !

Depending on your use, several programs are available to you :
- Private (private use) : Your Pcard+ will be backed by your credit card.
- Private Plus (private use) : Your transactions will be billed to you on a monthly basis (direct debit)
- Business (professional use) : Your transactions will be billed to you on a monthly basis (direct debit)